As well as ‘functional seizures’, about which more can be found on this website under the section ‘Functional Neurological Disorders’, many patients suffer with epileptic seizures, with a lifelong need to take anti-epileptic medication.

Depression is very common in sufferers with epilepsy, and treatment of depression, though the same as for a patient without epilepsy, requires some finesse and care, particularly with regard to understanding the mechanisms of anti-epileptic drugs and potential interactions with anti-depressant drugs.

Some patients, as part of the symptoms of epilepsy, when they either are about to have a seizure, during a seizure, or after a seizure experience profound psychiatric symptoms such as psychosis and aggression. In such cases joined up care involving a neuropsychiatrist and a neurologist is vital.

Many other psychiatric problems can complicate the presentation of epilepsy. I have successfully treated many patients with such complications of epilepsy.

This diagnosis is classed under Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Read more about these conditions here

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Psychiatric Disorders and Conditions | Dr Mayur Bodani

Do you think you're suffering from this diagnosis?

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