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I believe a thorough and holistic approach when assessing patients is the key to providing an accurate diagnosis

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Take a look through the conditions for further information and how to get help. I treat a wide variety of psychiatric conditions, not all listed here, why not contact me to discuss your situation? I'm here to help.

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Browse My A-z of Psychiatric Diagnoses

Please have a look through the A-Z of conditions, you may find something you relate to, or even a condition you hadn't thought of. I have treated all of these conditions and look forward to helping you feel better

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I receive regular referrals from companies acting on behalf of legal professionals in personal injury cases and have worked on more than 120 cases in the past three years alone.  I am one of the leading figures in this field and have given expert testimony in both Civil and Criminal cases.

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About Me

I started my career in general medicine in 1987 in London. I have over 25 years' experience in psychiatry and neuropsychiatry and have successfully treated many disorders, ranging from depression and anxiety to far more complex disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson's and MS.

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"A GP friend and colleague has asked me to recommend a neuropsychiatrist for a private consultation. Sincerely, I couldn't think of any other person I would trust to look after me or my relative other than you."

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"Thank you so much for attending my mother and father at their home yesterday. I am so grateful to you...for all the time, trouble, and expert advice"

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"Thank you for Everything You saved my life"