Psychotic Disorders


A disorder presenting with psychosis is a serious mental health problem, such as schizophrenia. Psychosis means a severe disturbance to think with the presence of delusions and sometimes hallucinations.

Psychosis can affect any age group.

Psychoses can occur out of the blue, or if there is a family history of illness, like schizophrenia, or Huntington’s disease. It can be a reaction to drugs e.g. for Parkinson’s, or the symptoms of withdrawal from a ‘drug’ like alcohol. It can be seen after traumatic brain injury (for example brain haemorrhage), and in hospitalised patients with sepsis (also known as delirium).

Whatever the cause, careful assessment and diagnosis are essential for the right care and treatment.

This diagnosis is classed under General Psychiatric Disorders. Read more about these conditions here

Do you think you're suffering from this diagnosis?

Psychiatric Disorders and Conditions | Dr Mayur Bodani

Do you think you're suffering from this diagnosis?

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