Long-Term Neurological Conditions

The NHS estimates that there are an average of 12.5 million episodes of care for long-term neurological conditions per year

Condition Overview

Many people in the UK live with a long-term neurological condition (LTN). The Royal College of Physicians estimates as many as 10 million (2008). Of course, not all of these will require any psychiatric input but psychiatric problems are common in this group of patients.

LTN’s don’t go away. They are life-long, very often progressive and severely disabling in the long run. Whilst the condition is usually diagnosed by a neurologist (and primary care falls to a neurologist) neurologists often ask neuropsychiatrists/psychiatrists to input into management, for reasons you’ll see below.

Long-Term Neurological Conditions Diagnoses

Parkinson’s Disease

The familiar picture of someone stooped, shuffling, with a tremor and a blank expression is the usual image most people have of Parkinson’s disease (PD).

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Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a relatively rare disorder that often runs in families and so is genetically inherited. The condition often presents when sufferers are still in the prime of life, with a variety of symptoms, both neurological and psychiatric.

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

We still don’t know the cause of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but the condition affects many people in the UK, often beginning insidiously with a brief illness, with rapid recovery.

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Psychiatric Problems After Brain Injury

The after effects of brain injury are often long-term.

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Uncommon Neurological Disorders

There are many diseases which, thankfully, are relatively uncommon but when present do cause physical illness as well as psychiatric symptoms.

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Why work with me?

  • I am qualified in both General Medicine (to hospital medicine standard) and in Neuropsychiatry. It is very rare to find this in any psychiatrist nowadays. This is how I am able to diagnose many complex psychiatric problems which are often poorly dealt with in general psychiatry
  • I have over 25 years’ experience as a psychiatrist. I have worked for the NHS since starting my career in medicine in 1987
  • An holistic approach in treating patients means I take the time to listen.  This gives me the best chance to piece together the whole picture and provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan back to good health
  • I am an Expert in Medicolegal cases. I am one of the leading figures in this field and have worked on over 120 cases in the past three years alone
  • I am an Expert psychiatrist.  This means I can provide second opinions to other Consultants/Doctors

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